"The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see" (Alexandra K.Trenfor)

Roberta Pili - Founder

Born in Sardinia and actually living in Vienna.

Her objective is to create a special atmosphere for the audience, more like a drama, opera or theatrical representation, where the story is just taking place in the unique imagination of every single person.

She is artistically involved in several roles: pianist, author, musicologic research and analyst of the art of piano interpretation, producer, label owner, mentor of polyphonic and ultra-polyphonic piano playing, teacher of masterclasses.

Covering a responsible position as a mentor, she finally focusses on raising students‘ awareness about what they have learned, how useful it is for them and for their further musical and non-musical development in life.

Roberta Pili is founder and president of The Charles-Valentin Alkan Society of Vienna.

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